Daryl’s Birthday Extension at Peking Garden

We woke up early.  It’s a day Daryl intended to celebrate his birthday.  It’s the most awaited day.  We were going to eat at Peking Garden where the famous Peking duck was said to be the best among the best of Peking duck dishes in the metro.

I prayed before we left that all will be alright because we were destined to go to Glorietta at Ayala where Peking Garden is. It is far from where we were.  The one at Trinoma already closed down (unfortunately) when Daryl decided to check and taste the goodness of the renowned dish.

Anyway, as I continue, the preachy ones will probably tell that God didn’t hear my prayer because on our way to Ayala, the car overheated and we had to stop by at a gasoline station.  But this is another story.

We turned to Buendia as Kay had instructed Papsie, opposed to the instructions I read on the net that we had to turn to Palm Drive.   I panicked (silently) that all of us does not exactly know where our destination was.  I, for one, was not used to frequent Makati and Ayala, and all I was hearing were they were not sure.  It irked me, I have to admit, but after some playing around with chances, we were able to reach our destination which was a long walk away from where we parked.

Peking Garden is located at Greenbelt 5.  On our way we saw a lagoon where you can throw food (at kois) that you can get after inserting two 5-peso coins in a machine.

After this, we proceeded to where Peking Garden was.  Greenbelt is a huge place, and one where the ‘loaded’ go.  We were ‘outcasts’.

We had a blast.  Surprisingly, the peking duck meat was all goodness!  The shrimp dumpling (hakao) were pure bliss, and also the fried bean curd.

We first tried to eat the peking duck meat with the cucumber and the leeks wrapped in what seemed to be a lumpia wrapper but thicker. You have to dip the meat first in a special, yummy sauce before the wrapping.

The second way to eat the peking duck was with a soup which was also a delicious treat.  The last way to eat the delicacy was to wrap the minced duck meat  with a romaine lettuce (with a sauce, too).

It’s a wonderful, wonderful experience.  Daryl also ordered fried rice with peking duck meat and also scrambled egg with minced dried scallops.  We were told that the latter was a best seller, too.

He was mentally prepared for it, he said. Including the expenses.  :D Despite the challenging day for all of us (which will be another story), we enjoyed a lot and treated ourselves with scoops of Sebastian’s chocolate with rhum ice cream when we finally got home!





Unfriend vs. Unfollow – What’s your Facebook choice?

I remember a FB (Facebook) friend, who was a colleague in one of those workplaces I had been to, who told me to just set my privacy settings so that I will not be ‘unfriending’ or ‘rejecting the request of’ the person but instead click the privacy buttons in order not to see any of the person’s posts.  It was said to that effect, not able to remember exactly his words. His concern must be that I would offend somebody knowing him to be that kind and friendly.

I did not heed the advice.  There were instances where I had accepted people in Facebook who were not really my friends in the truest sense of the word, and some of them are not even acquaintances but strangers.  (Well, a big part of those in my ‘FB friends’ list are actually strangers because I have not met them in person but in all its fairness to the concept of ‘FB friend’ I had gotten to know some of them through some friends, and through blogging and other forms of media, plus theirs posts or statuses).  If a FB friend’s post becomes unintelligible and/or offensive, or could be something I will be undesirably involved, I decide to ‘unfriend’.    Lately, I only ‘unfollow ‘ remembering that friend’s concern of offending somebody’s feelings; then decide finally, after a few days or weeks depending on circumstances, to ‘unfriend’.  I am usually quiet or reticent about this decision not to cause any mess.

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Market your Business with Vehicle Magnets

Photo courtesy of www.letsgobanners-store.com
Photo courtesy of www.letsgobanners-store.com

There are already many available online stores to answer the question ‘where can I find vehicle magnets‘.

It is important, however, to find vehicle magnets that are weather-resistant, with strong adhesion, and of high quality.  These magnets must be highly customizable to be used as marketing tool for big and small businesses which means that they can be customized upon request.

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Would you give away your child after birth upon learning about the birth defect?

English: "This newborn is displaying the ...
English: “This newborn is displaying the birth defect known as [:w:Polydactylia|Polydactylia] involving both feet.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
As others had opined, this is truly a tough question and scary to think about.

As an able mother, meaning one that has all the resources and readiness to take care of a child, giving a child with a birth defect is not an option. The child did not ask to be born. It is not even his or her fault to be with defect so why would a mother give away a child? A mother should love without conditions and that is the essence of it all.

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A lathe designed specifically for each material

Metal Lathe
Metal Lathe (Photo credit: Sascha Grant)

You can choose a used engine lathe for sale for your material needs but you have to know that each particular lathe is designed specifically for each material.  It means there are lathes designed for machining precisely hard materials and those less hard.

Lathe machines today are not only used for machining hard metals, only, but also plastics and other materials.


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