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I am a mother of two. This is my world. Come in. You’re welcome. But watch your steps.

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  1. hi there! like your blog and like the way you write. care to link up? :)

  2. hi, gibbs! thank you very much for the appreciation. :-) sure, link away. but please bear with me. i cannot do the updates on my links at present, because i am very busy. right now, i am just sneaking time away from a busy sked.

  3. hi! just droppin by! another cool mom… haha… really admire moms who’re so cool to have their own blogs! nice posts u got here… good reads…

  4. thanks so much, rej! been to your blog. it’s a very neat blog. and it’s cool, too. but woe to me, i cant even have time to share my thoughts. who knows one day?

    please be back and let me hear your thoughts, too!

  5. hiyee mommy bingskee! haha… thanks for droppin by my blog.. i appreciate it so much… hope u could visit every now and then… sorry for some *words* there… haha… thanks! ima add u to ur list! God speed!

  6. no problem about those ‘words’, rej. it’s your blog. :-)

    and welcome.

  7. Hi bing!

    Excellent blog you have here. Hope you won’t mind my intrusion into your sanctuary every now and then.

  8. hi, bayi. no problemo.

    been reading your thoughts at bugsy’s place. you have a lot to share. and it’s an honor reading those in my blog.

  9. Maganda ka pa sa Umaga, Bing! Tiyak ko magugustuhan kong maglakbay dito iyong blog…

  10. salamat, classmate kong Joel! maraming salamat sa pagdaan… :-)

  11. napadaan lang at magiinvite sa Pinoy Blogosphere Mailing List


    kita-kita tayo don ;)

  12. and who might be the pinoy blurker??

    thanks for inviting… :-P

  13. hi bing,
    donut know if u remember me
    many years ago kasali aki sa bberks
    sa wakas (di end) me blog na me
    2 weeks old na
    kaya lang 3 palang ang nagbisit
    PLISSS bisit ka naman (shamefool begging)

  14. how can i forget, mr paulding? went to your blog, but di pa nag comment, pero tumawa na ako (bwahaha) i like the humor, ikaw pa rin si paulding the way i thought of you…

    hope to read from you again. :-P

  15. hey there Bing, thanks for visiting my site. You may bookmark it if you find it useful. Thanks again.

  16. already did that, tim!

  17. thanks for dropping by on my page and for leaving a comment…appreciate it:) hope i read your recent blogs and i enjoyed them…hope you will continue to blog as the time lets you…have a great week ahead!:)

  18. you are always welcome, sarita

  19. Hi Bing!
    Just linked you up. Hope it’s ok!

  20. link away, gina. :-D it is very ok.

  21. hi bing… galing ako sa bahay ni karmi.. sumilip na rin dito.. happy sunday!

  22. hey, kneeko! salamat sa pagdaan.. :-D been to your site and it is an interesting site. how i wish i have the luxury of time to bloghop more often. happy sunday, too!

  23. thank you, Bloggy Award.

  24. Hi All

    I am trying to collect information on all parts of Philippines. This is to let intending tourists get first hand reports from residents, and the idea is, that people from Philippines give a little story, a bit of history, a photo, info on a tourist attraction, anything they want to send in, about their particular area that will sound attractive to tourists. Look forward to hearing from you.

  25. hey, bing! you have your own dotcom na pala. a real launch for problogging.

  26. hi, jack. wonder what’s the objective behind all these?

    hi, lazarus! oo, me dotcom na. it’s interesting to have one. :-) />

  27. Hi,
    I’m currently an ‘accidental’ blogger. My sister and daughter wants to blog, so i helped them set-up a WordPress. So that I can help them, I setup my own too. Currently, i have more blog than them :-) />

    Your site is very interesting – which you would have figured, also stumbled upon by accident. I have now bookmarked your site and enjoying going thru some of your posts.

    Just wondering if you would share the list of plugins you are using for your WordPress.

    P.S. – Filipino ako. pwede rin and Ilokano :-) />


  28. hi, rommel. thank you for visiting and for appreciating. :-) /> it is also interesting to read your thoughts. it is my aim to interact with people who visit especially Filipinos who have gone away from the mother land.

    i am not very adept at wordpress. havent had enough time to master. i just recently had a dot com. i have many blogs, too. and i cant update them. OMG, it is not easy to be a working mom. and a semi-problogger.

  29. No problem kabayan :-) />

    Like you, I’ve recently just started using my dot com – I had it for 2 years already, but only started using it this year – then I went psycho with it.

    I’m more of a Wiki writter than a Blogger. I keep and update all my technical notes on a Wiki but also use it to blog. But blogging on a wiki is like using a knife as a can opener. So I guess I’ll have to keep the 2 separate.

    But when your work is also your hobby – this two becomes blurry. Have a look at my WordPress site – it’s currently just ramblings on how to get it right :-) /> . Don’t worry – it was never intended to be read :-) /> It’s my notes pretending to be a blog :-) />

  30. hi poh miss bing :)

    thank you for your honest opinion in my blog…i appreciate it..but pardon me coz i guess we have different perspectives about how we should live our lives…that’s the beauty about people…hehe..i do respect it ^_^

    i really like your blog…very informative…very well written and organized…and the topics are quite interesting… :) hehe… nice to meet you miss bing ^_^ tc always and God bless :)

  31. hey, ruby, i answered you back in your blog. well, i guess it is okay if we have different perspective in life. i do not have a monopoly of wit, borrowing a line from a blog friend. :-) />

    thank you for appreciating my blog. nice to meet a young and pretty blogger like you. :-) />

  32. thanks, ms. bing for visiting my blog. i’ve linked you too on my wordpress site. =)

  33. btw, here’s my other site; a photoblog which i just put up today.

  34. hello, ate bing. :)

  35. hi, diwa! how are you?


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