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American Idol Bets

February 24, 2010 By: Bing Category: 2 cents worth, info leaves

I saw the performance of AI’s top 12 girls.  Boy, they all have these delicate features and petite bodies as if they are swallowing up adipex diet pills or any sort of weight loss pills ordinarily!  It makes me think that their lovely features were passes to making it to the top 24.  Just a hunch.   :-D

With tonight’s performances of the girls, I am in favor of Siobhan Magnus.  Her voice was a croon.  She has magnetic presence, too.  Her confidence did not overwhelm her performance but contributed to its excellence.


I also like Didi Benami.  Actually, she is the best pick at first but tonight’s performance was a drag though her voice is really powerful.


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  2. you know what i completely agree that siobhan is the bomb. she’s got such a powerful voice and her weird look adds to her magnificence. i also like andrew garcia, filipino or not


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