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The Big Enchilada*

November 15, 2006 By: Bing Category: addiction, friends, info leaves, mixed nuts

I am into a craze. You may call it blogging bugs. Aren’t you into it, too?

Lest I’d be haunted with the anino ni abaniko, I try to bloghop more often than not, equipped with some notes from the peanut gallery, with a glimpse of the steadfast x-pat files, and sometimes with a thought of carrying it out with bonete y cafe. Coffee is one addiction that I cannot do without, you know. But I am not the coffee goddess.

Staring at the bughaw skies, or at the cream-colored or tinged-with- gray ceiling, or simply working under the canopy, with a slip of the pen, I write. Starting with Dear Sage… oops… I forgot, I am not writing a letter for Sage. I am trying to create a scenario out of simple thoughts.

Sometimes I find myself wondering what goes inside the mind of a single guy. How many times was he faced with the crimson crux of deciding to stay single forever? (Just asking, not prying  :-D ) It must be enjoyable whirling alone like a fish in a bowl, or as Gibbs Cadiz hinted, is it a boring life? Maybe he was pleased and stuck on the dictum cogito ergo sam, or was it cogito cogito ergo cogito sum.

I ponder mga turo ni tito rolly, or mga kuro-kuro ni ka uro, and tiyo delyo’s kalambogesiyons at iba pa and ended mixed up! :-D Seriously, these guys give you the comfort of home sweet home in its real sense. A visit to their place is like solace from a journey to Honeyville, like a warm reception from the balay ni Bambit, and also like the sundry atmosphere at ménage à Kat.

Punzi’s corner is one corner I visit when I need to educate myself with law-related things. And when my eyes ache from the letters, phrases and quotation marks, i feast my eyes with the goodies at Sidney’s sari-sari store. You want to feel makabayan? Go visit My EPinoy’s blog. You want to go gaga about kikay effects? Then read Gigi as she goes gaga about beauty tips with side dishes of quirky inspirations. I wonder if she had written about the G spot (*smirk). The J spot is altogether a different thing, of course.

When the citizen on Mars defends divergent poles in the parallel universe of politics, he makes you feel you are not in the warped zone of the political arena. How can he be so updated and interested of world events and issues I chose to elude? Well, every one to his taste. Take for example, how Artkitekto indulges himself with the football league championship, or the Filipino librarian with the newest technology in library science, or the special education teacher in Washington DC also with her newest teaching and technology discoveries. Need more? Everybody knows how pinayexpat in Deutschland, and some others make it big by problogging. But by jove! I love to be a sunshine pinay, too!

And I say to someone… wish you were here. Wish it was like yesterday.

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  1. very clever!

  2. Wow! very creative. I never seen anything like this before.

    BDW, thanks for taking time to comment on my blog. I appreciate it a lot. :)

  3. Bing – your jumbled up the words really well turning it into nice post. Good job :)

  4. wow… Though many bloggers attempt to create this kind of stunt (I actually read some), this actually excel as a nice read. It doesn’t come as a montage or a jigsaw of thoughts, but rather have a universal spontaneounity to it.

    Ok, i’ll quit beating around the bush and say what I actually thought of it: HANEP!

  5. thanks, ku.

    you’re welcome, jef.

    glad you liked it, bw.

    talaga, rey? salamat.

    in 3 words lang talaga, ha, mon. thanks.

  6. Wow! Parang Grand Rounds! Thanks for the mention, you can always take shade under the canopy and bring your big enchilada. :)

    Good one, bing!

  7. you are very welcome, ipanema. and thank you. kulang pa nga ang rounds nagawa, e. you know, time constraints. :-)

  8. hi bing,

    you are one heck of a funny lady and creative to boot!



  9. Ingenius! This kinda reminded me of the word-based meme I did early this year. But you’ve managed to write one hell of an entry using blog titles instead.

    PS: It’s all right to ask, lol. :-D

  10. WOW! How on earth did you put this (and us) all together? And I found some really nice sites to explore and come back to again (thanks!).

    BTW I did write about the G-spot once. It was about a new minor surgical procedure that supposedly makes it more — er — sensitive. But I didn’t want the post to appear too lascivious so I wrote in code and was coy about the whole thing — and no one got it. Oh well…so I learned to just say it! :)

    Thanks for the mention!

  11. hi, dp. thanks. :-D you are one funny guy, too. ganoon ba talaga ang grupo nyo – ang mga punchline e kakatuwa.

    been meaning to do this a long time ago, single, ngayon nga lang nagkapanahon. i plan to do something like this for the icings on the cake and the goody group. did something of this sort, too, but it was a short one. :-)

    hi, gigi! i am glad you took time reading this. it is my intention also to introduce the sites that i frequent. they are really interesting sites like your site. so unfortunate nga lang i dont always have enough time to visit them often.

  12. I am impressed and totally amazed at your prowess of putting us all here. If you were a chef, you must be the best in town.

    You know what, pwede ka maging composer or lyricist.

    You have been blogging for years and your entries maybe more than a hundred. Here is an interesting challenge for you. Make an entry similar to but instead of links you will use or connect the titles of your previous post. Sounds interesting? LOL . Kulit ko no?

    Thank you very much.

    PS. I am not yet a full pledge makabayan, concerned and irritated citizen pa lang. LOL

  13. wow, it sounded more like a problem to me, rolly LOL because my entries account to more than 400 :-D but i can do that maybe but classified according to categories.

    hindi pa pala makabayan ang tawag dun? he he

  14. Okay to ah. Ang galing mo naman bing. Thanks also for the mention. :)

  15. hahaha! fun read, bing! galing!

  16. fun read, bing! galing!

  17. anong in three words baka thre letters…


    enchilada means salad, ba?

  18. salamat, irene, you are always welcome.

    hey, zarah! salamat at nag-enjoy ka.!

    oo nga, ‘no, mon?

  19. bravo! fun, fun post. thanks for including my site! :)

  20. Baka dapat itatype mo three letter word di mo land naitype yung letter

  21. Ang galing, Bing! Steadfast pala ang X-Pat Files. LOL.

    Thanks for the special mention.

  22. Ang galing mo tita bing. I’m impressed.

  23. you’re welcome. gibbs!

    salamat, jayred. you and your blog is steadfast in many things. :-)

    salamat, ann!

  24. Bing, nakakaaliw! Thanks for the mention and I really appreciate the fact that you went out of your way to put all the blogs here … how creative! And how easy it is for us to go bloghopping. Have a great weekend!

  25. matagal na akong di nakakapag-bloghopping. kailangan ko pala ng warmstone para maalala =)

  26. hi, bugs! glad you appreciated. am using this post, too, to bloghop. :-)

    haha, hi, von. sobra ka na kasing busy. mustamos?

  27. Amazing! Creative stuff. I guess you mentioned all the Filipino blogs!
    Thanks for the mention of my blog! Much appreciated! Sweet naman!

  28. I am truly impressed and humbled by the way you had written this. Great!

    And thanks for including my site … hehehe!

  29. Ang Galing!

  30. hi, sidney. there are a lot of good and excellent Filipino blogs in the blogosphere actually but i think it would take me a day to come up with a post including those other sites he he

    i can just imagine how you say ’sweet naman’ :-D

    coming from you, eric, is an honor. thanks!

    hi, TK, salamat! mustamos?

  31. Wow Bing Galing!!! lolz.. I think you are also best in SEO Copywriting on keyword placement.,… Pasalamat kayo dahil may link na.. hehe. Could you also give me a link?! lolz..

    Mito :)

  32. haha, great! this post is excellent. nagulat po ako dun ah. in our Online Writing class, i think we had an activity like this, linking and writing with sense ;)

    thank you very much for linking my 2 sites, tita!

  33. best in SEO Copywriting on keyword placement?, nawindang yata ako dun he he sorry ha, illiterate ako pagdating dyan. honestly, mito, i did not understand it. but it sounds nice. sure, will link you up but i will update my links when i have time. busy ang sked.

    you are always, always welcome, corsi. thanks for the appreciation. :-)

  34. hi bing, thanks for the mention. sorry at di na ako nadaan dito, nasunugan kasi kami kaya medyo nasira ang pagboblog hop ko.. tsk, nice post! :D

  35. hi, mell. it’s my honor.

    i am very sorry to hear that. dito ba sa pinas kayo nasunugan?

  36. hinde ate, sa US kami nasunugan.

  37. hi again, mel. the reason i asked is because i saw news sa cnn (yata) last year about a fire incident that brought down to ashes the whole house and property of a Filipino couple. walang natira. cant remember the names though. patapos na kasi ang news nang makita ko.

    eneweiz, mel, i hope everything will be alright sooner. God is gracious naman not to hear the laments of those afflicted and those who need His comfort.


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