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Can You Have Sex with Your Boss?

August 08, 2006 By: Bing Category: 2 cents worth, i am woman, info leaves

WARNING: Topic is for adults.

A septuagenarian boss showed me today a cut portion of a magazine with this question. In it were four individuals who gave their candid answers. I find one of the answers as very funny.

“Yes, if both people are consenting adults. If Monica can do it with the President, why can’t the rest of the American public?”

My answer is yes, and no, depending on the situation. I am not playing safe here. It really depends. Like if your boss was your lover, or boyfriend, or husband, before you joined his company, then yes, you can have it with him. Or if the company does not give a sanction to an employee who gets involved with another employee, then yes, you can have it with any of your co-employee.

No, if one individual’s moral, religious, or spiritual, and even cultural (is there such a thing as cultural conviction?) conviction prevents him/her from doing it. Or if your company does not allow lovers in the office, then you have to think first before plunging into the bed with your officemate (unless you keep it a secret maybe).

But honestly, I don’t know of any enforceable rule that has to be observed in relation to this. Can somebody save me from disgrace?

I am just wondering what on earth does the septuagenarian thinks while he was showing that (the survey) to me, and while I was keeping my breath, and preventing myself from inhaling, lest I would faint because of halitosis.

Oh, and a male friend answered, “Yes, if she is a woman.” Trying to be funny, heh-heh.

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  1. skyla002 says:

    Me and my boss playd around alot yesterday for the first time. i went down to his house for a coffee and to talk and the topics led to sex / sex toys, it went on 4 4hours in the end, he said he was going to make me orgasim once for every year of my life, im 18 hes 40.
    He said it was about teaching me a lesson about getting to know my own body.
    We didnt have actual intercourse but we used toys in both holes of mine and made me wank / suck his balls and shove sex toys up his ass.
    He was spankin me so hard i wanted to cry!

    O m g it was so awkward at work 2day for me, he seems fine but i have to work with his wife as well, and every time i look at him i just imagne everything we did 2gether. i used to look up2 him so much and really respect him. but he was so creepy yesterday but the scary thing is i would be to worried to say no if he wanted to do it again

  2. skyla. to wrap your story – he seduced you and you let him. you were never scared, you let it happen.

  3. Obsessed says:

    Hi there! Been reading this posts since it started…. I do think that when you come across this situation, that is the only time that you will be able to say if it is right or wrong or if its a YES or a NO.
    I used to condemn these things like the office romance as it can affect work ethics and the outside marriage affair as it can ruin families… and these happened to a very close relative of mine so I did condemn the fact!
    But you can never tell… as it is starting to happen to me. And it is not leaning into the negative side. I do believe that what we have now is not only flirting but can lead to a serious one. The time may come that both of us would need to make a decision on which is not a JOKE! I have not slept with him and he has not asked….
    I am attached to a partner for two years now and he is married for 18 years. He is a foreigner and married to a Filipina. Maybe that is the reason why he is so interested. I am located in a foreign country. He is not my immediate boss, he is the boss of my boss.
    My point is, for those who condemn this… you guys have not been in our shoes… Yes it is good to give pieces of advise, but don’t throw yourselves into saying NO and closing your doors as I know there will come a time that you will open them again….

  4. well, i can agree that we really couldnt tell, obsessed, if we could be able to resist if it happens to us. but i hope that I, personally, will not stumble into a situation like this. i believe, too, that the moral values of a person play in making decisions.

    i am sorry to say but i think nobody’s condemning anybody. if you read the thread, you will see that they just answered the question which is also the title. everybody, including me tried to be as objective as possible, discussing what could be better, and why they choose to answer it with a yes or no.

  5. Obsessed says:

    I guess I had a wrong interpretation. Well this has been a good sharing outlet for me though as this is P&C so I really can’t just confide to anybody.
    I am just enjoying and we’ll see… No expectations and the good thing is we are far from each other so it is still a barrier for temptation di ba…. or maybe delay….. :-)

    Thanks bingskee


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