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Two in a Day

October 06, 2005 By: Bing Category: Uncategorized

a. Is It Really Bad to Stare?

When my kids were younger, I would always tell them “Sweetheart, do not stare.” I do not know if this is a common admonition that everybody makes. But I felt I had to tell them that when they stare at people. I was apprehensive that some people will be offended. Most of the time, it was Kay who loved to stare at people, and I mean, really stare with her arched brows, especially when she didn’t like what she saw.
For the grown-ups, we would stare when we are attracted. This is very true to men, particularly. Unmindful, or at times uncaring, of what women will think, they would stare when drawn to physically attractive women. There might be other reasons why they stare, but most of the time it is because of the pull.
For me, as a woman perhaps, it is embarrassing to stare. I may have glared at somebody but that is an unconscious action as opposed to men’s glaring done to win a female’s attention. Most often, I would stare surreptitiously and change my eye direction when an attractive guy will look my way. Silly, but maybe it’s just me.
Staring at people to indirectly criticize them is not also acceptable. There are people who react through their stares when somebody’s physical features did not pass their taste, or something is not right about how one particular person should look. It was like they were given the right to do that (because they believe they are better looking?). That is so disgusting or even insulting.
The eye sparkles when it approves what they behold but withhold the spark when they disapprove what they see. Similarly, the other parts of the body react this way.
b. Do You Have a Favorite Song?
Music is like remedy to the ailing soul. And until the day my hair turns grey, music will always play an important part in my life. Baby Pink tagged me and made me hum some of the songs I like. Below are the links to the seven songs I dedicated myself on my 40th birthday. Wait, she wants me to FORCE seven people to do this! Roll call – BW, MALAYA, ROLLY (MYEPINOY), BLUEGREEN, GORYO4U, FLEXJ, and KADYO.

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