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What Age Do Boys Need to Be Circumcised?

April 13, 2005 By: Bing Category: Uncategorized

My 12 year-old son was insistent before after graduating from elementary to be circumcised before the start of high school. That was last year, and he was only 11 then (he started early). He was anxious that he would be branded supot if his classmates would know. I asked him how it would be known. He answered that they might touch it and from that would determine he was not circumcised yet. Calmly, I explained to him that if somebody attempts to touch him he might as well ask that person if he is gay and that would prevent that person from touching him. And that sort of appeased my little boy (which is bigger than me now).

The thought of my son undergoing the circumcision procedure is really anxiety-laden. I was really worried then that he might be too young for it and could experience trauma because of the pain. It was a nagging question to me – what age do boys really need to be circumcised? Are there no limits like those of girls and women that they should not be pregnant younger than 18 or more than 30 years old, which are risk zones?
I learned that there is no definite time or age for the circumcision procedure. It can be done right after birth which is routine and very common in the US, or eight days after birth as practiced by the Jewish in their Bris Milah ceremony. It can also be until 7 years old in the Islam religion, or never at all which is evident in China, Japan, Northern Europe and modern South America.
In the Philippines, it is a mixture of some of these practices. Some would like their young boys to be cut at once after birth. But oftentimes, circumcision is done before the boys get to high school.
Today marks Daryl’s day into manhood. He got circumcised this morning. Papsie told me that he did not hesitate and walked peacefully from the operating room the same way as he did before he was cut, with these words before they set off to the clinic, “Eventually I will be circumcised and I have to face it.”
Before I finish this off, I would like to tell you my personal belief on my decision of having my son circumcised. It is not because I am religious adhering to the Old Testament’s practice as a sign of the covenant between God and Abraham and his people. It is not because of cosmetic reasons done by the natives. It is more of medical consideration of guarding my son to a variety of diseases. Though this is not proven and opposed by detractors of its veracity, I believe it plus a combination of piety and preparation of my son to manhood. I consider more the benefits than the harm.
NOTE: Done properly, circumcision takes from three to 10 minutes. Each procedure begins with the same first step: the foreskin is separated from the glans, to which it adheres tightly in infants. Next, a clamp is applied to shield the glans and crush the foreskin where the cut will be made, in an effort to seal blood vessels and prevent bleeding. © 1993-2003 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

82 Comments to “What Age Do Boys Need to Be Circumcised?”

  1. I am a 24 years old muslim guy.Though our religion stipulates for my circumcission before I comlete 7 years of age,I was not cut till I am 24. I have no father. I live with my widowed mother.
    I had a penis of the size 11 ” x 4 ” on full erection and my foreskin measured 3 ”. I thought of having circumcission and I told my mother of my intention to go in for it.
    My wanted me to show my penis to her. I undressed and she found it shockingly.
    The next sunday,she arranged a circumcission fuction in our house. She invited my father’s brothers,their wives and daughters,and her sisters,their husbands and their sons and daughters.
    My mother kept me nude.She shaved my pubic hair and gave me both. Then all the relatives were allowed to see mine.
    My mother took the services of a lady doctor to cut my skin.
    Though I had reservations about pain,nothing of that happened.I was given a very fair circumcission.My mother treated the wound till it was dry.
    I am happy

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  3. Well, i am 24 years old and not circumcised. I have decided to tell u all this as i think its high time for me to solve this ‘issue’. It really hurts me when i try to get the ‘head’ out of the ’tissue’. Please apology my term of expression here. Even when i touched the head of my penis, it hurts me a lot, its really sensitive. Its almost covered by that skin almost the whole day until i try to ‘play’ with it. Now, the time has changed, my girlfriend starts asking questions of when will i be able to break my virginity…yes, i am virgin…mainly coz of this ‘issue’. Thats why i need your help / advise here. Actually i live in Mauritius and here, almost everyone knows eachother, wherever you go, you meet someone you know or someone who knows you. Thats 1 of the reason i was hesitating to ask for advise here. Please guys, i really need advises from you all here. I’ve got many questions which haunts me since years. Should i go for it? Will it hurt while they do it to me? How will my family know if they know i did it? I am really stressed about these questions without answers. So please, do give me some advises. Thanks a lot.

  4. good for you, hayath. :-)

    jaan, i advise that you read the comments here then weigh the pros and cons of each possible decision you choose. in the comments, too, you will find what i stand for. it will always be what you like and where you would be happy. good luck!

  5. Thanks a lot bingskee…i’ll go for it

  6. I think circumcision was the best decision ever taken. I am an aussie who decided to get circumcised at age 20. i can say from experience that my sexual life has not been better since! Before, it was as if the foreskin always got in the middle of it and did not let me enjoy anything. It would smell often and oral sex was usually out of the question! I would wash the penis constantly only to irritate it for it did not help at all, from the minute you urinate the penis has a stench! Smegma was a constant problem as well for it could build up very fast! i am tired of all the websites that call circumcision MUTILATION! IT IS NOT MUTILATION! uncircumcised people just don’t know what they are talking about, they basically say that circumcised men are numb! Please, they know nothing! My penis has been ever more sensitiyve, the head is now soft and has grown, it is not waxy and entraped in the foreskin making it smaller! The corona has plumped out making it look bigger. I see my penis now and I get mad for my parents did not want to circumcise me! I told them about my decision and they regretted not having it done, it was mainly influenced by her Greek neighbours not to have me circed. Many boys in my school were circed, my father was circed, but the neighbours somehow got into my parents head, kind of like these stupid webs sites against circumcision! It does not hurt a child less than when he is getting his umbilical cord cut off or his teeth taken out! Seriosuly, if you haven’t experienced it, please be quiet! Botched circs can be treated now with cosmetic surgery and given a better look to them! There are new methods! I had a son and he got immediately circumcised, his penis looks beautiful! It was kind of horrid, because he was circed at 3 days old and oh my God! that kid had a lot of smegma under his little foreskin…now imagine, they recommend parents not to retract the foreskin at a young age…now all the smegma that accumulates during the years under the childs foreskin! Diseases usually love these types of enviroments! My cousins are all getting circed as well, my older brother got circed and I guess circumcision in Australia is rising once more since the 90’s. I hope it gets to being 95% of males circumcised like in the 50’s when my father was born! It is truly helpful, I don’t understand how Aussies let their children suffer so much. My penis is now very clean, oral sex is always given greatfully and my sex life has imporved much! I love my penis! It does not smell. I only wash it when I shower and I don’t have to irritate it for even the simple shampoo coming down from my head can clean it without me touching it. It is a big plus for boys to get circumcised! Don’t get brainwashed by those anti-circs who know nothing of the problems. The World Health Organization recommends it now as well as UNAIDS for it has proven to reduce the risk of catching and spreading HIV/AIDS…the only thing foreskin is good for!

  7. congratulations to you, pidgo. couldnt agree more with the points you emphasized:
    - sexual life has not been better since
    - penis is now very clean
    - oral sex is always given
    - IT (circumcision) IS NOT MUTILATION.
    - t has proven to reduce the risk of catching and spreading HIV/AIDS

  8. Hey, i’ve managed to get in touch with a private doctor for the circumscision which will be done next month before christmas…let’s just wish everything goes fine for me…thanks again everyone.

  9. good luck to you, jaan. all the best.

  10. It is quite peculiar to read these few contributions stating that an intact penis smells bad, is dirty, unclean, transfers disesases and that circumcission is something important which must be done A.S.A.P.

    500 years ago, there were people simular to you. Gullible ignorant people who believed that some women were Satan’s worshippers, and that those “witches” needed to be burned at the stake.

    Circumcission is ALWAYS redundant, and it IS mutilation, as well as child-abuse.

  11. maybe to some it is, hans.. to some it’s not. there are always two sides of the coin. :-)

  12. I hate my mother for making such a stupid-ass decision. I think that mothers take satisfaction in hurting their children through such a disgusting procedure. Developed by the nasty, big nosed Jews for some stupid reasons. It’s no reason that the Jews were persecuted throughout ancient and modern history. Because they are so dumb, lacking any form of intelligence whatsoever. Condemn them all!

  13. I think voluntary circumcision is great, but involuntary circumcision is wrong. Each human being should be allowed to choose for themselves whether or not they will keep their whole genitalia they were born with.

  14. Better late than never. I have two son’s and they both voluntarily subject themselves to this ritual at the age of 12(Summer, after graduating from elementary school) for the simple reason that they don’t want their classmates teasing them “supot”. One is now 2 nd year college and the other 2 year High School. I think what is important here is just do what you think would make you happy. According to Dr. Juan Flavier – “Just DOH it”

  15. i am a mother, too, taylor and i do not delight in seeing my son hurt. he was not really hurt as to that level that he was psychologically wounded. he did not even flinch after the operation. i think it’s more about orientation and the psychological/mental health of a person. and to blame it to the Jews is way too ridiculous. we live in a free world where everybody is free to do what he wants. i am just wondering what had happened to evoke such hatred.

    i believe so, too, jeremy. :-)

    12 is not late, pmonchet. if you read the comment thread, there are those who underwent the process later in their lives.

  16. i live in England and was circumcised when i was 5 days old in 1958 both my brothers had it done to them as well so 7 years ago i married and 2 yaers later my wife had a boy we had him circumcised at birth with no problem what so ever my wifes a nurse who works with children and she is all in favour of the practises as soon as possaible

  17. that’s nice to hear, malcolm. kudos to your wife. :-)

  18. I think the best age for circumsision is 12..13, when the boy is approaching puberty. Maybe the best moment is, when the boys first ejaculations have started, but his penis is still quite small. In that age the foreskin is totally covering the clans and it’s just the best moment to slice it off. Maybe it’s also better to perform the operation without anestehesia.

  19. in the philippines, ricky, it is considered that circumcision be made at a younger age where the skin tissues are softer still.

  20. What might be the main reason for circumcision. The fact is that in the beginning puberty and even earlier weaking pleasurable feelings are concentrated in the foreskin area, which promotes begin of masturbation. Especially when the foreskin is redundant, the boy’s all movements are causing pleasurable stimulation. Often his first ejaculations occurs when he is gently touching, pressing and moving his foreskin. This causes enjoyable feelings, especially, if the foresking is rich and long. If the foreskin is redundant and somehow tight, the first ejaculations often come and partly remain inside the foreskin. This may cause irritation, if not washed daily.

  21. All my 6 boys was circumcised before they were a month old. I respect the fact some dont agree with it, however those should respect that this is what we chose to do and not digress into petty name calling. The reasons for and against are varied on both sides and it is a personal decision. I must say i find the practise of parading your childs genitals infront of other people be it family members or not, is a bit too much. I had to laugh at the comment where it suggest that circumcision prevents masturbation, any man who says that he does not masturbate is naive or a liar, its got nothing to do whether there is a foreskin present or not, many guys partake in masturbation and you would find at least half of them have no foreskin so what is the reason now? Its normal !!




    I recommend anyone considering this for themselves or for their young sons to educate yourself and watch some of the videos on the web about the baby boys reaction during this procedure so that you understand fully the consequences of your decision over someone else’ body. If you still decide to do it to your child without his consent, why don’t you have the doctor cut off the tip of your finger just prior to him circumcising your son so that you know what the baby is feeling.

    We were born with it for a reason and it is shocking that so many “educated” women (or people in general) would be against female genital mutilation and still allow their defenseless newborn son have the most sensitive part of his entire body peeled back and cut off with a red-hot knife so that it melts the skin closed after slicing it off.

  23. pro-circ says:

    Hi Bingskee,

    What do you think about mothers who bathe their boys in front of other female relatives? Can mothers talk about circumcision to aunts and grand mothers? Until what age boys are bathed by their moms in the Philippines?

  24. alston. i wanted to just ignore what you wrote here but ihave to say something. if you read the thread, you should have learned that i do not condone people who believes that males should not be circumcised. but you who believe such things should also respect others who believe in circumcision. i just wanna point out some things:
    - clitoridectomy is a more painful process than circumcision, and all of these practices are against the will of a little girl. from the bible, i believe God will not allow such practice as circumcison if it will cause that great harm. i.e, if a person believes in God.
    - clitoridectomy serves no humane purpose at all, circumcision does.
    - i am against practices forcibly done on any human being. i believe that there should always be consent. that is why i stick to the principle of having a son circumcised when he’s older, i.e., during his teens. if my son does not want it, i’ll wait for the time that he’s ready for it. but i will still explain the benefits.

    pro-circ. from the comment thread, i learned that there are countries that practice what you mentioned. if i had not learned of it, i could’ve reacted because in the Philippines, it is a taboo to bathe your son or your daughter in front of other people. but i am speaking in general here, i am not really aware if there are existing circumstances like you mentioned. in my experience, i did not assist my son nor bathe him after circumcision. it was my husband who was with him always. my son was 12 at that time. again, i am not aware if there are Filipinas who assist or bathe their sons after circumcision. i hope this answers the question. :-)

  25. hi, jayb. i had overlooked your comment. i am laughing now because of your comment. like you, i cannot see the connection between masturbation and being circumcised or not. :-D

  26. The jews circumcise their boys as early as 8 days old. Yes 8 days, not years. Well, it’s in the bible.

    12 years old is really really really old. I got circumcised when i was 8 years old. Okay, that ’s years not days.

    But circumcision really is not “required”. It will not make you sin or get healthy issues if a man is not circumcised.

  27. there are some health issues, jeffrey, i believe, aside from hygiene reasons.

  28. Whether or not a boy should be Circumcised is not for a woman to decide. Women should have absoloutly no say about what happens to the male body just as women believe men have no right to control theirs.

    Regardless if you are the boys mother, you have no right to make the choice to alter his body appearance for the rest of his life. As a woman you clearly have no concept of how painful Circumcision is, both on the physical body and the the long term psychological effects. The forced Circumcision of your son amounts to rape of his body, and in my opinion anyone who forces this procedure on a boy who is unable to defend himself should be sent to prison. Circumcision unless medically necessary is a mans issue, and a mans issue only. Women should have no say in the matter what so ever.

    If women are concerned about HIV then perhaps more emphasis should be placed on safe sex and female personal hygene, which also spreads disease if not looked after properly.

  29. I think the age to get circumcised is not of great importance. Important is to be circed and to be clean and dry wihout any smell.

  30. hi, Mr Man. all i can say is, just read the comment thread. i dont wanna be repeating my stand about this.

    more than anything else, kenny, it’s the hygiene thing that is most important.

  31. hi bing, got here thru bambit. i had my son circumcised 2 weeks ago. he’s 11. i accompanied him to the doctor myself. the procedure was not a pretty sight. in fact, i knees felt weak. it was quite an experience for me too, being there with my son.

  32. hi, mari. thanks for visiting.

    for me, personally, i believe that’s it’s better if the process will be made during the boy’s puberty period, mari.

    i cannot do what you did. you’re brave! :-)


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